Checks the message against the Razor server.

Example usage

loadplugin      pad.plugins.pyzor.Razor2Plugin

body        RAZOR2      eval:check_razor2()
describe    RAZOR2          Listed in Razor2 (http://razor.sf.net/)
score       RAZOR2       1


This plugin exposes a two eval rules that checks the message against the Razor server. “check_razor2_range” method it is implemented, but in order to verify a message, you can use PyzorPlugin. For more information about pyzor see the Razor documentation


use_razor2 True (type bool)
Controls whether or not the message should be checked against the Razor server.
razor_config “” (type str)
Define the filename used to store Razor’s configuration settings. Currently this is left to Razor to decide.
razor_timeout 5 (type int)
How many seconds you wait for Razor to complete before you go on without the results.

EVAL rules