This plugin performs verifications on DKIM signature

Example usage

loadplugin      pad.plugins.dkim.DKIMPlugin

adsp_override custom_high
def_whitelist_from_dkim  *

full   DKIM_SIGNED           eval:check_dkim_signed("")
full   DKIM_VALID            eval:check_dkim_valid("")
full   DKIM_VALID_AU         eval:check_dkim_valid_author_sig('')

header DKIM_ADSP_NXDOMAIN    eval:check_dkim_adsp('*', '')
header DKIM_ADSP_ALL         eval:check_dkim_adsp('A')
header DKIM_ADSP_DISCARD     eval:check_dkim_adsp('D')
header DKIM_ADSP_CUSTOM_LOW  eval:check_dkim_adsp('1')
header DKIM_ADSP_CUSTOM_MED  eval:check_dkim_adsp('2')
header DKIM_ADSP_CUSTOM_HIGH eval:check_dkim_adsp('3')

header USER_IN_DKIM_WL      eval:check_for_dkim_whitelist_from()
header USER_IN_DEF_DKIM_WL  eval:check_for_def_dkim_whitelist_from()




whitelist_from_dkim [] (type list)
Used to whitelist sender addresses which send mail that is often tagged (incorrectly) as spam.
def_whitelist_from_dkim [] (type append_split)
Same as ‘whitelist_from_dkim’, but used for the deafult whitelist entries.
unwhitelist_from_dkim [] (type list)
Removes an email address with its corresponding signing-domain field from def_whitelist_from_dkim and whitelist_from_dkim tables, if it exists.
adsp_override [] (type list)
To override domain’s signing practices in a OrangeAssassin configuration file, specify an adsp_override directive for each sending domain to be overridden. An optional second parameter is one of the following keywords: nxdomain, unknown, all, discardable, custom_low, custom_med, custom_high. Absence of this second parameter implies discardable.
dkim_minimum_key_bits 1024 (type int)
The smallest size of a signing key (in bits) for a valid signature to be considered for whitelisting.

EVAL rules